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We are a small team of engineers and designers. We see value in privacy, security, speed and preserving the life of old technology. Kible is changing the framework of personal computing and browsing for the better.
How does Kible work?
Kible connects you to our lightning fast servers. This means, despite how slow your computer or local network is, you will only ever experience the speed of our super computers while on Kible. Additionally, with our highly optimized streaming algorithm you will see no visual representation that you are watching a stream.
How does Kible boost my speed?
Because Kible runs on lightning fast servers that are connected directly to the internet backbone your browser or cloud desktop will be lightning fast. Regardless of your computers age or the speed of your wifi, Kible gives you the fastest internet available.
What is a Key?
Your key is your password. Every Key is highly unique.  Your key is assigned to the email that your account was created with. A key can be retrieved simply through your email.
Can you use Kible for video games?
Yes, Kible improves everything you do on the internet and this includes video games. Users have reported significant improvements to games like Roblox and Minecraft. Join our discord and talk with other Kible gamers today.
Why do I experience lag?
Kible runs on lightning fast servers that are located all throughout the United States of America and the United Kingdom. This means, if you choose a server location very far from you there may be a very small amounts of lag.
Kible is constantly expanding. While we may not offer servers in your region today we hope to reach every location in the very near future.
What is the difference between Desktop Mode and Kible?
Kible Desktop mode is a full PC in the cloud. Regular Kible is just the browser.
Desktop mode : you get all the apps you already use for work and play on your current device. Additionally you will now have external storage, advanced security and more power than ever before.
Kible browser : offers equally impressive power with an ultra secure sandbox meaning you are completely safe from viruses and are able to browse the web with 100% peace of mind.
Are you tracking my data?
Unlike the big tech giants (Google, Amazon, Facebook and more) Kible does not track or sell user data. Rather, Kible defends and protects user data. Kible makes money through our premium subscription models.
Do you have another question or would like to work with Kible?
If you are excited about Kible and would like to start a partnership reach out to us at [email protected] with the subject “Partner Program”. Additionally, we are open to any and all questions with very quick response time.
How to access downloads on Kible?
To access files downloaded on Kible open the customize and control Google Chrome hamburger tab on the top right and navigate to Downloads, or press CTRL+J.
What VPS is Kible hosted on?
We host our own VPS’s on our own bare metal.
How do I install updates?
When a new update is available you will be prompted with a download button. The new Kible app will download to your desktop. Once the download file is available, close the old app, delete your existing Kible app and begin downloading the new app. Woohoo new features!!