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Ultra low latency trading, no matter where you are

We don’t believe in gatekeepers. Trade stocks, options, & futures like the pro’s do, even in California

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Think of us as robinhood… but for high frequency trading

Simple, point and click interfaces, no red tape, just hop in and start trading!

Latency is an invisible cost of trading

Slow execution can lead to missed opportunities, and traders struggling with latency may be losing money.


For experienced traders competing with high frequency trading strategies, missed fills outside their control is frustrating.

How does Kible work?

Here’s some of the heavy lifting we’ve done, so that you can trade from anywhere with the lowest latency possible


FPGA’s (Field programmable gate array) are being used more and more by sophisticated traders out in the world due to their ability to be tuned to perform very specific tasks, including low latency trading. All of Kible’s hardware infrastructure is based on some of the fastest FPGA’s we could get our hands on.


UDP is the undisputed winner when it comes to transmitting data over the internet. Unfortunately no modern platform is using UDP to transmit trades from the west coast to the east coast. We leverage VDI (virtual desktop interface) to transmit trades with UDP. That means you can be on the west coast, and still get latency levels as if you were on the east coast.

Zero Copy

We have spent a lot of time micro-optimizing our servers. Not only do we place our servers right on the front door of wallstreet, with 10GB/s NIC’s, we also have optimized the way our network sockets interact with the computer kernel. Using zero copy, we deliver packets directly to the onboard network card as soon as we see it come into memory.

I am amazed at how quickly trades execute... I love Kible. Executions are extremely fast... platform is very easy. Love hotkeys and buttons....

JohnWoodland Hills, CA

Today was my first day on the Kible platform from TDAmeritrade. This is the absolute best platform I have ever traded on. Executions were extremely fast with no lag.

RobSanta Rosa, CA

With all the extra volume and volatility we've seen recently, I know many brokers have had major problems with quotes and orders. Kible has been flawless!

ShaneRexburg, OH

I've tried other trading platforms, and none compared to the setup and speed of Kible Trader. The Kible Trader platform is freaking awesome!!" Thank you!!

MikeRidgeland, MS

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