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The best browser for Privacy online

The best protection from Google and Big Tech, without sacrificing on performance

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One supercharged app, multiple types of security & privacy protection.

The Kible app includes our Web and App Tracking Protection, IP address masking, browser fingerprint protection, cloud sandbox isolation and so much more!

No switching cost!

Love Chrome, but don’t love the tracking? No problem! Kible’s whole platform is built right on top of Chrome so you can continue to use all the plugins and interfaces you are used to.

Experience Kible’s Cloud sandbox browser

This is our secret sauce. We isolate every browsing session in a cloud container and deliver just your browser’s presentation interface. This has a variety of benefits including:

Ephemeral browsing sessions

Your internet finger print will be wiped from existence after every session

IP Address Mask

Just like with a VPN, we will displace your internet traffic so that no one can track your online activity

Fast speeds

Because your sessions run in containers much faster then the computer in front of you, you’ll browse the internet 10x faster then you could before Kible.

Kible VS The competition








IP address mask

Browser finger print protection

Cloud sandbox

Ephemeral browsing

E2E encryption


Simple, straight forward pricing. No tricks
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